Delusions of grandeur
I thought the Kratt brothers were the guys from Zooboomafu...

They are!  The Kratt brothers actually had three shows before they started Wild Kratts:

Kratts’ Creatures was started in the mid 90’s, a PBS show that was the direct descendant of videos the brothers were already making and taking around to show at schools.  The popularity of it led to them creating the show and adding characters Allison and animated creature mish-mash Ttark (fun fact: voiced by the guy who did Artemis in the Sailor Moon dub) in a central location called the Creature Club while the bros were out doing their creature adventuring thing.

After Kratts’ Creatures was Zoboomafoo, a show set for a slightly younger demographic that also aired on PBS.  It featured live footage of a sifaka lemur from the Duke Lemur Center as well as a puppet, and mixed live action with stop-motion footage.  This is the show most Kratt brothers fans I’ve met seem to be most familiar with these days, as it aired right when many were growing up, in the early 2000’s.

They have one adult-demographic’d show which aired on National Geographic in the mid-2000’s (and continues to air on the NatGeoWild channel), Be the Creature.  This one’s my personal favorite.  It featured the bros out in natural habitats of many species like Japanese macaques, manatees, and hyenas, filming the species as they lived day-to-day.  Near the end of the run there were compilation episodes that reviewed animal abilities and techniques, such as predator power.

The distance between Be the Creature and Wild Kratts is the widest between their shows, but either way it’s good to see them still around!

I know you technically didn’t ask about EVERYTHING but I never pass up a chance to info dump on the Kratts

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  3. oswald-ears said: I’m constantly asking myself why I haven’t started watching this show.
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