Delusions of grandeur

So I was doing random doodles the other day based on whatever popped up on my shuffle, and Battle 1 from FF9 showed up.  That meshed with having just completed a drawing of shade!Chris (previously uploaded) and I made… this. Well, the first one.  I’m getting to the second one.

What this is is the beginning of a new AU, a Final Fantasy IX one set well, WELL after the game.  Others liked the random doodle and suddenly a whole new universe popped up, in which the Kratts appear as Beastmaster summoners (something that was decided in between drawings; the latter one was done to see if three horns was two too many, but I like it).  ….What, we’re doing aftermath FF9, summoners could have totally spread back out.

Don’t look at me like that 8|

ANYWAY this AU is still in its early stages, but FF9 being my favorite FF of all time, this will probably turn into something good.  So, look for more stuff in the future~

And just because it was funny, it was completely by accident that I wound up emulating the Beastmaster outfit from 11, particularly as he wasn’t even that class when I’d started, nor have I ever played 11.  Others can tell you how creeped out surprised I was when I discovered I’d done that…

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